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Curtin University

Scanning Probe Microscopy

More Information available from:

Dr Thomas Becker

Phone: +61 8 9266 7806

The Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility consists of instruments that provide very high resolution, three dimensional surface topography on an increasing variety of samples and are powerful tools for surface examination.

Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility

The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) uses the sense of touch and measures the topography by mechanically moving a sharp probe across the sample to "feel" the contours of the surface in a manner similar to a phonograph stylus tracing the grooves of a record. Moreover, it can operate under liquids, including the corrosive solutions frequently encountered in industry.

The instruments available are as follows:

laboratory equipment

Digital Instruments NanoScope IIIE

laboratory equipment

Digital Instruments Dimension 3000

laboratory equipment

Molecular Imaging PicoAFM – atomic force microscope

laboratory equipment

Molecular Imaging PicoSTM – scanning tunnelling microscope

laboratory equipment

Nikon Optiphot2 optical microscope